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Grossmont Center uses Zenreach to collect contact information.

A shopping and community destination in La Mesa, CA, Grossmont Center attracts thousands of visitors a day to its top-notch retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment offerings for all ages. Wanting to market their events, promotions, and special announcements through their own email list, Grossmont Center started using Zenreach to collect contact information through their free WiFi, grow their email marketing list, and gain real-time data on their customers helping them engage visitors with targeted messages.

The Challenge

Prior to Zenreach, collecting shoppers’ contact information for Grossmont Center proved to be a challenge. Grossmont Center manually collected visitor contact information through on-site events and special in-store promotions. With less than 400 collected emails, Grossmont Center’s marketing team set out in search for a solution to bolster their email collection rate. Additionally, the center as a whole lacked an email marketing strategy to send forth campaigns and engage in meaningful interactions with both new and repeat patrons.

We like to connect with our customers and guests. Zenreach has enabled us to collect thousands of emails so we can reach out to our customers directly and share with them all the exciting events, restaurants, shopping and experiences that Grossmont Center has to offer.
The Solution

By using Zenreach, Grossmont Center has grown their email list from 400 to 12,000 over the past year. They now collect emails and contact information seamlessly and automatically through the free WiFi they offer their visitors. Using the data collected, Zenreach is able to report customer visit history and compile customer profiles based on public information associated with each customer’s email address including name, age, and location.

Using Zenreach’s automated smart marketing, Grossmont Center now sends automated welcome emails to all  first time customers and is able to market their special promotions and events to more customers. With the combined visit history and demographic data now available to Grossmont Center, they can also send out targeted messages to customers based on visit frequency, age, and location.


Grossmont Center has experienced a significant increase in attendees at special events, with over 12,000 email recipients to date (almost 30x growth!). No longer relying on handwritten collection methods, Grossmont Center now has the time and resources available to test and perfect new marketing methods providing their customers with the most relevant and meaningful content - down to the individual.

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