"Imagination encircles the world."- Albert Einstein.

We believe in taking a fresh creative look at every project by not applying the standard box bases theories.
Our results are well...Better.

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a brief history

Quechan Council

DeSoto LLC has been selected as the preferred vendor for providing visual security to the Quechan Tribal Council.

Tribal School

DeSoto LLC has been selected as the preferred vendor for providing IT-related security to the Tuba City Unified School District.

Starlink on the Rez

DeSoto LLC is a key part of bringing Hi Speed internet to Native American Families who have not had that luxury in the past.

Apple Consultants Network

DeSoto LLC is an official Apple Consultants Network member.

Water rights data

DeSoto LLC captured precious data for a Tribal Nation's water rights Journey.

Verkada Certified Engineers

DeSoto LLC secured our Verkata Certified Engineer status.

SecurityStudio Partner

DeSoto LLC is now an official SecurityStudio Assesment Partner.

Relocation of Council Offices

DeSoto LLC choreographed the relocation of a Tribal Nations Administration and health offices.

Covid 19 Logistics

DeSoto LLC set up logistics for Covid 19 support for over 150 Native American Families on a month to month basis.

Tribal Health Facility

DeSoto LLC helped implement a new Tribal Health dept's interactive member facility.

Tribal Remote Work

DeSoto LLC designed and maintains work protocols for Tribal Nation Representatives.

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Tribal Remote Education

DeSoto LLC designed and maintains remote education systems and equipment for Tribal Youth.

Covid Task Force

DeSoto LLC has been placed as lead on the Covid 19 Task force for The San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe.

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San Juan Southern Paiute

DeSoto LLC developed and maintains IT protocols, equipment and planning for the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe.

Gorman Data

DeSoto LLC took a company that was built on paper invoicing to the 21st Century.

Whiskey Rose

DeSoto LLC revamped the digital footprint.

Arizona Tenant Advocates

DeSoto LLC revamped the digital footprint.

Cabin Grill

DeSoto LLC revamped the digital footprint.

Sky Zone Elmhurst

DeSoto LLC helped SZC turn a profit.

Sky Zone Peoria

DeSoto LLC helped SZP turn a profit.

Hanro Studios

DeSoto LLC rebranded Hanro and create the digital Branding.

DeSoto was Founded

After leaving corporate America as a CMO for the nations leading signage supplier.


Meet the Team

Meet the DeSoto Crew.

Sergio DeSoto
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Tristan DeSoto
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Angie DeSoto
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Sr. IT consultant
Matt Pinheiro
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Techinal Research Analyst
Erik Kilton
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Low Voltage Master
Casey Mullins
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Creative Director
Kris Maestas
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