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Established in 2006, DeSoto LLC has been a pioneer in the realm of creative technology. Since our inception, we have been supporting businesses throughout the country who have chosen to do business on the  Apple platform, including Tribal Governments and Security professionals.

Our mission is to help streamline any Apple based platform to create a beautiful productive and profitable business environment.

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Problem solving for apple products

Everything we need to build a world class network, security and connectivity.


Every solution we employ has been vetted by industry experts.


We keep the effectiveness of our solutions simple and easy to manage.


Our solutions truly cover your needs plus some.


We are a brand that is built on being the best.


We take care of every client quickly and efficiently.

Guaranteed not only ensures it's clients, we ensure our efforts.

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How this all fits together

The right hardware

The right software

The right connections

The right access control

The right camera system

The right front facing technology

The ease of onsite management