Data Protection

Protect Your Cloud and On-prem Workloads Single backup service to protect your data sources no matter where they are.

Data Protection
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Traditional data protection solutions only provide an expensive insurance policy. The data is unproductive until the disaster strikes. DeSoto takes an entirely different approach. Your data is valuable, and DeSoto puts your secondary data to productive use. Once your data is secure, you can use it to support multiple use cases.

  • Create a multi-cloud data fabric to support disaster recovery, test/dev, and application migrations across multi-cloud environments.
  • Furnish developers with instantaneous access to zero-cost copies of your data to accelerate test and dev processes.
  • Perform custom analytics jobs of your protected data directly on the DeSoto cluster without having to copy data to a separate analytics cluster.
  • Effortlessly analyze your data, whether to ensure compliance or to extract valuable insight from your backups.
  • DeSoto reveals distributed NFS, SMB, and S3 interfaces to provide file and object storage. Eliminate the need to manage.

Your data is secured both in transit and at rest - and we give you the option to manage your own encryption keys or have our service manage them for you.

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