Professional Video Monitoring

DeSoto offers professional video monitoring to detect and respond to threats in real-time.

Professional Video Monitoring
United States

DeSoto offers professional video monitoring to detect and respond to threats in real-time. With the click of a button, customers can enable tracking of camera events conducted by our team of U.S.–based monitoring agents. Verkada Virtual Guard provides 24/7 peace of mind with on-demand professional protection of your facilities. Detect Unexpected Activity Customers configure specific cameras (or regions of interest) to be monitored and set a schedule of when the Virtual Guard service should be active or “armed.” Verkada alerts our 24/7 monitoring agents when a person is detected in the scene using advanced AI analytics on the cameras.

Review Events

Verkada sends a secure video stream of the event to our U.S.–based monitoring agents for review. These trained security agents review the video in real-time and determine suspicious or threatening behavior. In addition, events from other Verkada devices can be configured as triggers for virtual guard review. Respond Appropriately In the case of a visible emergency, and agents will immediately contact first responders for dispatch to the site address and then contact the customer’s call list.

Suppose there is suspicious activity but no emergency. In that case, agents will attempt to call customer contacts first to determine the desired response and only contact emergency services if no one can be reached. The event will be disregarded if the agents cannot identify a threat. 

Use Cases

Our professional monitoring agents can review events triggered by other Verkada devices, including door controllers, environmental sensors, and wired/wireless intrusion sensors. All events are logged and available in Command for auditing and review.

Monitoring agents will review video from Verkada cameras linked with these devices in Command. Verkada’s Virtual Guard service offers 24/7 protection for customers across a diverse set of industries. 

Examples include:

  • Restaurants and retail businesses detect and respond to suspicious activity in buildings and parking lots after closing.
  • Hospitals and schools receive notifications and emergency assistance when people access restricted areas after hours.
  • Construction sites and car dealerships detect trespassers and respond with automatic police dispatch.
  • Warehouses and storage facilities are alerted to unauthorized or unusual access after hours.

The Virtual Guard service is designed for after–hours, event-based video monitoring. Monitoring agents will only review video clips from events designated as alarm triggers by customers in Command. Customers should not use Virtual Guard to monitor spaces with constant human activity or situations where a threat to people or property would not be self–evident from the video footage. A resolution of 75 pixels per foot is recommended for accurate person detection. Monitoring is provided by three fully redundant U.S.–based, UL–listed, TMA Five Diamond certified central stations.‍

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