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How DeSoto protects your data!

February 11, 2022
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How DeSoto protects your data!
DeSoto LLC's Zero Trust Solution utilizes a protocol that was designed for fast and secure remote working.

We all know that working off-site can have its challenges. We also know that when the security of your data is vital, the popular solutions just quite cut the mustard... literally. That is why we have the creative, secure, and fricken superb private access zero trust solution that we use to create totally secure tunnels directly to the apps you use. Thus, the protection you need is at the granular level.

DeSoto Zero Trust is architected using a cloud-based software-defined perimeter (SDP) that creates secure, isolated connections for each application. Through least-privilege enforcement and realtime device posture checks, access is granted to each application only for specific, authorized users. Application micro-tunnels keep each application session separate and contained to prevent lateral movement.

DeSoto Zero Trust uses an entirely cloud-based architecture which requires no on-premises equipment to manage or complex sizing requirements. Our service edge dynamically scales to handle unlimited endpoint connections. Private Access is more efficient, avoiding the need to full tunnel all traffic which is unnecessarily expensive, but without losing visibility and control of what is being accessed (i.e. policy without routing).

Check out the DeSoto LLC Zero Trust solution by clicking here!

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