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The Headless Executive Got Promoted!

January 28, 2022
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The Headless Executive Got Promoted!
I don't know the best way to describe this monster in business culture today [...]

I don't know the best way to describe this monster in business culture today. At least from my recent and all too often perspective as a consultant. With a role more often than not,  based on client education,  engagement, and empowerment. Well, at least it should be. Right? I wish.

I have spent countless hours working with clients who rely on buying leads as opposed to earning retention. Clients who think their customers are stupid, thieves and scoundrels who only care about a deal. ( another post )

Oh, how the basic rules of humanity and the way it engages, are often ignored.

The rules in business that account for customer retention, word of mouth, high engagement and worth repeating, experiences cannot and will not happen with poor leadership at the helm. There is a myriad of descriptive paradigms to unpack what that means, poor leadership, or better yet the opposite. Great leadership.

The cornerstone at least from my perspective of great leadership is purposeful, direct precise action.  I have seen this virus all too often, especially where you would scratch your head and wonder how is this even possible. These guys have degrees and lots of money.  And yet they run their businesses like chickens without a head. Reacting to the now, responding to the ever-growing emergent list of emergency colored not essential calls to action.

The stress I get from merely being an educated observer is sometimes comedically overwhelming.  Why is it such a mystery that purposeful and intentional leadership coupled with focused action including precise long-term directives result in gains both financially and personally?

I wish I had an answer as to why this is becoming all too often the case even in businesses deemed to be on the accolades of upper echelon professionalism. What I can tell you is that I see this headless featherhead far too often and the effects it has on the venture they are vested in is sizable.

The kicker is when it's leadership that is the culprit they fingers usually point in every other direction especially when they don't have a head,  ( That's me attempting to be funny )

Don't let yourself as a business owner get to this place. Don't allow the business, staff and other non-controllable factors run you.  Be mature and take a hard look from the outside in on how you present to the rest of the world. I promise you will be happy you did and ...  This analogy will no longer apply to you.

Be a Lion with a purpose, not a chicken with no noggin.

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