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The one thing successful people genuinely covet!

January 28, 2022
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The one thing successful people genuinely covet!
We live in a world that sadly cherishes explanation of the common by dynamic people who understand it [...]

We live in a world that sadly cherishes explanation of the common by dynamic people who understand it.

I myself am guilty of having to listen to those who preach common sense to the masses to have an "I get it" moment. The kicker is, I have spent the majority of my life contemplating logic from the perspective of commonality as it relates to human thinking.  I'm not sure if it's because I am getting older that things like this become more apparent or is it the fact that I spend the majority of my downtime trying to learn more about how we engage with each other. I do this by, reading, listening and closely observing people that I value their achievements.

The one thing that I am convinced of that regardless of how you define success is that time is one the item that people who achieve great things do in fact own. Without question.

So much so, it has become the focus of my obsession, the prominent practice I have become devout in implementing is, in fact, coveting my time.  Oh, what a profound discovery!

Think about this for a moment. Time is the one thing that all people have equal dominion over, even though one's total access may drastically vary. Every minute you are alive you have complete discernment on how you're going to spend your time. Even in an environment where you are not in control, and I believe the most significant difference between those who achieve great things and the rest of the world is a simple principle that converts to one idea.

Do you tell your time what to do or does it tell you?

I believe wholeheartedly that the successful people in our world are masters of telling every moment, every action and every exerted breath how it should be used to achieve an intended result. Whether the time at hand is philanthropic based, financial, relational, spiritual or merely relaxation, they do in fact covet precisely how it to implement.

Thus we read about, writing goals and creating routines. We celebrate a time-stamped cognitively categorized date to set new ambitions and start over. We achieve peace when we become proactive instead of reactive. Our finances become managed, our homes become stable, our workflows become systematic and well, life then, in fact, becomes an entirely defined purposeful endeavor,

Covet your time, own your time and live your life with passion!

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